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Louise Hat

Hello! I am a  qualified City of London tour guide with a particular interest in leading walks which also include a social element and I specialise in “An introduction to…” themed walks.

A large part of my work is devising private tours according to the clients aims and interests but I also run regular walks which many people try initially as a ‘taster’ and a social occasion with little commitment of their precious time and money.

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Recommended walks run from a 45min weekday lunch time workers ‘breather’ to a 2hr Saturday morning walk ending with lunch at one of The City’s most historic pubs cunningly hidden just off the beaten track.

My background is in art and architecture with finance and economics. I speak French and Italian fluently and have some sound but rusty Spanish. I live with my husband and two daughters in Essex.

Get in touch!

Say ‘Hi’, tell me what you’d like to see here or on a tour, what you think I could do better and what’s captured your interest recently… I really would love to hear from you.


Please do leave any comments or questions you might have and I will respond as swiftly as possible.